Gerald Knaus: Which borders do we need?

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Reading and discussion with Gerald Knaus (Berlin)

Photo: Francesca Scarpa/ESI

No other topic has influenced European politics in recent years as much as the debate on refugees, asylum and migration. The discussion is dominated by buzzwords, false assertions of facts and sham solutions.

In his book, Gerald Knaus explains what it is really about and shows that humane borders are possible. The migration expert, whose analyses have inspired governments throughout Europe, explains which fundamental problems we would have to solve and how abstract principles can be turned into implementable policies capable of winning a majority. He also explains why this is difficult for many societies and why even many citizens struggle with contradictory emotions – here empathy, there fear of losing control – and how a policy that takes facts and emotions seriously becomes possible.

Gerald Knaus is founding director of the European Stability Initiative (ESI) think tank. Governments and institutions in Europe listen to him when it comes to questions of flight, migration and human rights. He studied philosophy, politics and international relations in Oxford, Brussels and Bologna, is a founding member of the European Council on Foreign Relations and was Associate Fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University Kennedy School of Governance in the USA for five years. Gerald Knaus now lives in Berlin.

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The Book:

Welche Grenzen brauchen wir?
Zwischen Empathie und Angst – Flucht, Migration und die Zukunft von Asyl
Piper Verlag, Klappenbroschur, 336 Seiten, € 18,-
EAN 978-3-492-05988-6

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