Yves Kugelmann: Jewish in Europe

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Film screening, followed by a talk with Yves Kugelmann (Zurich)

A film by Christoph Weinert, Germany, 2019, 102 min. With Alice Brauner and Yves Kugelmann

in Marseille

in Venice

in Strasbourg

in Berlin

Agnes Heller

JEWISH IN EUROPE, conceived as a road movie, does away with old myths and shows a self-confident, heterogeneous and quarrelsome Jewish community. Together with director Christoph Weinert, German film producer Alice Brauner and Swiss publicist Yves Kugelmann, both Jews themselves, have embarked on a journey through Europe. From Tangier via Marseille and Strasbourg to Frankfurt, and from Berlin via Warsaw, their path also leads them to Budapest, where they met the Hungarian Jewish philosopher Ágnes Heller for a final conversation shortly before her death. The journey on the traces between burdened history, lived tradition and challenging modernity finally ends in the former Jewish Ghetto of Venice.

The film attempts to break down existing stereotypes and show Jewish everyday life between majority and minority societies unfiltered. It takes stock of how Jews in Europe think and live today. How much does the media image of assaults and attacks correspond to the everyday reality of Jewish people? How much does the Holocaust trauma determine their lives – and who is actually Jewish? A journey full of surprises.

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